Renee Rojas - Intuitive Sage  Huntsville/Madison AL  (near airport)

       Certified Life Coaching * Oracle Card Reader * Self Empowerment Workshops




If you are curious, courageous, seeking personal truth, need loving inspiration or desire change in your life, you are in the right place and on the right page.

At age 20, I felt a calling to work with women.   I knew there would be a variety life learning experiences ahead.

I have experienced the joy of marriages and the pain of divorces, the pain of abusive relationships, the joy of working with women in their self exploration and transformation, the joy and worry of a mother as children served overseas in our military, the joy of happy employment and the pain of losing it because of injury, the pain of loved ones suffering with addictions, the joy of moving to the San Francisco area and the joy of moving back to the southeast, the joy of having a granddaughter, the joy of a happy heart and the pain of open heart surgery. 

These experiences widened and deepened my truth, faith and compassion. I see and can embrace the value and worth of my life learning and wisdom today.   I am being nudged to professionally launch the work I was called to 40 years ago.   

It matters not where you are or where you want to go, just show up with your curiosity, courage and willingness to embrace change for your highest good.

I am honored and look forward to working with you as you create personal transformation in your life. 

With love and blessings,
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