Renee Rojas - Intuitive Sage  Huntsville/Madison AL  (near airport)

       Certified Life Coaching * Oracle Card Reader * Self Empowerment Workshops



Certified Life Coaching   (Call for appointment  650-515-1104)

Oracle Card Reading  
(Call for appointment  650-515-1104)

Self Empowerment Workshops(various dates and locations - check Coming Events page)

**Working with me does not replace any medical advice or medical attention you may need**

Coaching Session (in person or online):     $80    
Oracle Card Reading  (in person or online):    $ 40    

Coaching and Oracle Card Reading   (in person or online):    $100  
Self Empowerment Workshops - see Coming Events page     

           Training and Certifications:

          *    Certified Transformational Life Coach, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
          *    Level One EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping) Lafayette, CA and Redwood City, CA
          *    Level One and Two Reiki, Burlingame, CAT
          *    Level One, Two and Three Healing Touch, Burlingame, CA
          *    Intuition Development, Carlene Fouldenaur, Pacifica, CA (self study and personal practice)


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