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Word Artist

I  love working with the energy of words and arranging them into powerful messages or as I say, my gift of being a word artist.    My first loves were poetry and photography (which I use in my work).  I have written the children's book below and an currently working on a book about my personal transformation.   I invite you to join me in a circle or a workshop and explore the words swirling in your inner world, begging release onto the page.

What Color Is God?


$10  (shipping included)    

    "An Internet search reveals questions that kids frequently ask about God.  Who created God?  Does God sleep or just rest?  Why
did God make mosquitoes?  If God gives us everything we ask for, then how come we don't have everything?  But one of the questions missing - is the very question author, Renee Rojas asks in her children's book, "What Color Is God?"  - Jean Bartlett, Arts Correspondent, Pacifica Tribune, December 7, 2011


"What Color Is God?" is not just a beautiful story of love, but will also help to instill positive self-esteem and creative thinking in children. It gently guides them to rely on their own inner strength through the love and support of others. Wonderfully done."    
-  Charlene

"Each page of this little gem is filled with Love and Wisdom and Wonder that magically crystallize to sweetly touch hearts of all ages."    -  Evelyn

"Suddenly, there it is:  Your child asks a question for which you have no answer.   Is it a crisis in parenting or an opportunity to say - I've got this one covered?  What Color Is God? holds the answer.  It is set in the context of cultural transmission.  Mother defers.  Grandma knows.  The seeds of family wisdom and cultural belief are simply and beautifully passed from one generation to the next generation. God is everywhere and in everyone. You can preempt this question by sharing this delightful book with its vibrant illustrations with your child and their friends. Once you have seen this book, you will want to liberally give it to schools and libraries in your community."    - Dr. Bertita Graebner

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